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Resin Hoses

TOGAWA has long been providing many industries including the agricultural and food with resin hoses noted for safe, easy-to-use operation. These hoses include shower hoses and many other household types. Our chemical-resistant products for ultra-pure water and solvent application purposes are gaining us a good reputation from state-of-the-art customers.

  • PUREX Hoses

    PUREX Hoses

    Special resin hoses for ultrapure water and solvent applications featuring hose interior fluororesin coating and soft resin exterior coating.

  • PUREBLE Hoses

    PUREBLE Hoses

    Ultra-flexible bridging polyethylene hoses well-suited for extraction and hygiene-oriented applications.

  • Twin Hoses for Circulating Bath Water

    Twin Hoses for Circulating Bath Water

    Screw-on connection hoses allow easy onsite installation.

  • Hoses and Tubes for Fuel Cells

    Hoses and Tubes for Fuel Cells

    These products were developed at the same time along with PPS resin joints.

  • Spray Hoses

    Spray Hoses

    Easy-to-use hoses for pesticide spraying available in lightweight and heavy-duty versions.

  • Hoses for WASHLET Toilet

    Hoses for WASHLET Toilet

    Featuring easy handling and connectable without requiring any piping work.

  • Shower Hoses

    Shower Hoses

    Hoses specially constructed of various materials to feature metallic hose-type appearance.