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Rubber & Resin Extruded Products

TOGAWA extrusion molded products see use in different fields including civil engineering and construction that require heavy-duty strength under severe environment conditions. They are also utilized for physical and chemical instrument components that require great precision. Versatile production allows any color, shape or size to be designed, offering virtually limitless possibilities.

  • Rubber Expansion Joints

    Rubber Expansion Joints

    Used for damping and absorbing flex vibration in pipes and compatible with large diameter pipes.

  • TC Joints

    TC Joints

    Anti-vibration piping joints capable of withstanding high pressure, having minimal effect on pipe inner pressure.

  • Water-Stop Rubber Strips

    Water-Stop Rubber Strips

    Superb elasticity maintains waterproofness without reducing elasticity even at low temperatures thanks to superlative quality rubber being used.

  • Gas Rubber Tubes

    Gas Rubber Tubes

    Offering superior durability and available in a wide choice of colors.

  • Silicone Tubes

    Silicone Tubes

    Mainly utilized for industrial food applications.

  • Fluorescent-color Silicone Rubbers

    Fluorescent-color Silicone Rubbers

    Strikingly-vivid colors and excellent heat- and weather resistance make this material applicable to a wide variety of fields.

  • Thermal-Expansion Rubber

    Thermal-Expansion Rubber

    Fire-resistant materials used for penetration at a fire-retarding division to protect houses.

  • Fuel-Filler Hoses

    Fuel-Filler Hoses

    Designed for automotive fuel inlet ports.

  • Parasol-Type Gasbag

    Parasol-Type Gasbag

    High-pressure resistance and sealing characteristics make this product optimal for shutting gas off during duct work and ensuring security.

  • High-Temperature/ High-Pressure Bellows

    High-Temperature/ High-Pressure Bellows

    Used by exhaust gas piping. Also minimizes vibrations from being transferred.

  • Vacuum Rubber Tubes

    Vacuum Rubber Tubes

    Applicable for high vacuum use, many different tube sizes are available and compatible with various types of vacuum pumps.