TOGAWA has long been providing many industries including the agricultural and food with resin hoses noted for safe, easy-to-use operation. These hoses include shower hoses and many other household types. Our chemical-resistant products for ultra-pure water and solvent application purposes are gaining us a good reputation from state-of-the-art customers.

  • Hoses and Tubes for Fuel Cells

    Hoses and Tubes for Fuel Cells

    These products were developed at the same time along with PPS resin joints.
    Ideal for use to supply pure water for fuel cell battery.

  • Spray Hoses

    Spray Hoses

    Lightweight PVC hoses which is easy-to-use for pesticide spraying.
    Excellent weather resistance and chemical resistance.

  • Hoses for Bidet Toilet Seats

    Hoses for Bidet Toilet Seats

    Easy connection of toilet water piping.

  • Shower Hoses

    Shower Hoses

    Hoses specially constructed of various materials to feature metallic hose-type appearance.