TOGAWA rubber sheets are used extensively for applications ranging from industrial rubber gaskets to floor mats. Products include those with high electrical resistance and heat resistance as well as durability. Environment-oriented products include eco-mark approved products.

  • Ribbed Rubber Sheets

    Ribbed Rubber Sheets

    These rubber sheets whose surface has striation are not slippery and elastic and have been used as a floor mat and passageway mat.

  • High-Tear-Strength Silicone Rubber Sheets

    High-Tear-Strength Silicone Rubber Sheets

    Excellent chemical resistance.
    It can be used vibration feeder joint parts and duct connection parts in the chemical plants.

  • Rubber Sheets for Highways

    Rubber Sheets for Highways

    Purpose-made to conforming to the Japan Public Highway Corporation's standards. Featuring outstanding weather and discoloration resistance.

  • Conductive Rubber Mats

    Conductive Rubber Mats

    Rubber is generally used as an electrical insulating material.
    This rubber sheet is designed with an excellent conductive composition.

  • Eco Mats for Passageway

    Eco Mats for Passageway

    Eco Mats for Passageway is recognized as having a low environmental impact in the entire life cycle by Japan Environment Association.
    It can be used as temporary use rubber mats for construction worksites, temporary walk-through passageways and various event sites.

  • Rubber Mats for Racehorses

    Rubber Mats for Racehorses

    Featuring outstanding durability, abrasion- and slip-resistance, with cushioning for gentle contact with a horse's legs.